Most of us, when thinking of professional tree services, the very first thing that comes into our mind is related to their job, which is to cut down the dead, dying and dangerous trees. And, it’s indeed a job of tree services. They help homeowners saving millions of their dollars by removing the dead trees, which may fall on their homes and are dangerous for other trees.

This is not the only function that tree services offer

Some tree services have specialization in the single task only i: e, to remove or cut the tree in the safest manner whereas some tree trimming services have their own ‘certified arborist’. The function of an arborist is just like ‘Vets’ of the plant. They treat sick and infected plants and bring them back to their healthy phase.

When cutting of the tree is not the appropriate option

Some trees, which are highly infectious from roots, may not be easily cut down as this may pose a threat to the house and tree existence itself. So, there are a number of factors to consider while cutting the tree, such as their danger level and shedding of branches. If this is the case, then we can consider cutting the tree immediately.

On the other hand, if the disease has just occurred or started to be apparent, then there is no need to cut it down. The tree service provider may contact an arborist for diagnosing and treating the tree at an early age. This is advantageous because curing a tree if possible eradicates the hazard of diseased tree posing a threat to your home and it doesn’t allow another tree to get in contact with it and get infectious.

Arranging an arborist is also cheaper than undertaking the cost of cutting the tree when it’s not at all required.

There are a number of certified tree services providers in the US that offer more than one service to the clients. They always try to satisfy the demands of the customers in the best possible manner and by offering solutions that are affordable and pocket-friendly. If you notice any tree in your yard sick, then don’t take it for granted, just contact tree service professionals and get your tree diagnosed immediately. They will examine the tree properly and let you know whether it needs treatment from an arborist or will be completely removed from your yard.