Individuals like to plant an apple tree in their yard. They not only yield delicious fruit but also act as an aesthetically appealing tree that adds glamor to the landscaping. However, there are certain things that must be kept in mind to take care of it. As we know the fruit trees are exposed to disease and pest infections. Due to this, it needs proper attention only then you will get the best yields.

Time of year: The climatic conditions and timing must be suitable for planting an apple tree if you want to get fruitage. The time to sow plants depends on the location where you are living and the species of trees. Spring season is considered to be the best season for Apple tree. The climatic conditions are milder in this season. Rain in this season helps to enhance the spring growth.

Pollination: When planting the trees, pollination cycles is must to take into account. Apple trees require cross-pollination, which means you need to plant two different species of apple trees together that thrive at the same time. Take, for example, you can get success in cross-pollination if you plant a crab apple tree or another tree with a close neighbor. Moreover, you can even acquire branch and submerge in a bucket full of water, and put it under the tree in the spring season.

Location and soil

Apple tree not only depends on the location but also on the properties of soil available there. An apple tree needs a proper amount of sunlight at least 5 hours every day provided soil has proper drainage and pH level. If the soil is too acidic or base, the trees will not grow at all. You can test your soil prior to planting the trees with the help of a soil tester kit. It will deduce the results in terms of pH level and compaction. Always use organic compost in the base of an apple tree.

Routine care: Routine maintenance is also vital especially in the next years; following the sowing otherwise the crop may decline. Apple trees are also vulnerable to pest and nuisance interferences created by wildlife because of the sweetness and juicy nature of the fruit. In the first two weeks of the blooming stage, the application of insecticide is necessary. This keeps the fungus and insects away from the plant.

Another thing that must be taken care of is the proper pruning of branches and taper the canopies once or twice in a year. You can speak to a local tree service Daytona Beach provider in this regard.